Active support for the campaign

Public demonstration outside UNJL, December 2006 (1) Public demonstation outside UNJL, December 2006 (2)
Public demonstration outside the Library, 19 December 2006

Our campaign is already showing signs of influence and is making headway in openly conveying the plight of the library and the drastic consequences of not addressing the funding problem in a constructive manner. It is crucial for this momentum to be maintained and we intend to drive the point home as forcefully as possible. The Campaign strongly urges your active participation in ensuring this happens. You can help in the following ways:

  1. Write or e-mail expressing your concerns over likely cuts in service, staff redundancies and the possible closure of the Library as a consequence of inadequate funding, to all of the people on the list below.
  2. Attend the Joint Committee meetings, and voice your concerns there.
  3. Attend any other meetings as may arise where the Campaign makes representations on behalf of UNJL.
  4. Join in the demonstrations and protests. It is vital that as many people as possible attend to show the strength of feeling in the community.
  5. Spread the word about the financial plight of the Library. Make sure you are fully aware of the details of the situation. Read more in the Campaign’s news flyers and displays, which will be available in the Library and in the locality, and look out in the national and local press for other library matters making headlines.
  6. Take the opportunity to add your name to the petitions circulating in the area.
  7. Use the library.

Do contact the Campaign to express your comments, opinions and concerns.