Upper Norwood Library Campaign
Revised Constitution

As agreed at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on Wednesday 14 May 2003

(amendments agreed are in italic type)

1. Name

The name of the organisation is The Upper Norwood Library Campaign.

2. Objectives

The objectives of the organisation are:

a)  To keep under review the services provided by the Upper Norwood Joint Library.

b)  To inform library users, the local community and the media about any developments affecting those services.

c)  To maintain contact with the Joint Library Committee and staff, the borough councils responsible, members of parliament and government and non-governmental bodies concerned with a view to ensuring that the quality and range of library services are maintained and improved.

3.  Membership

Membership is open to persons aged 18 years and over who are users of the library, are in sympathy with the objectives and make payment of the appropriate annual subscription.

4. General Meetings

a)  An annual general meeting of members shall be held in the month of March in each year. It shall receive a report from the Committee, and an audited statement of accounts; and it shall elect, by ballot, committee members for the ensuing year and decide the annual subscription. Notice of the date of the meeting shall be given to all members at least 28 days before that date.

b)  Other general meetings of members shall be held in accordance with the decisions of previous meetings or if convened by the Committee or requisitioned by at least 20 members.

c)  A quorum shall be 15 members.

d)  At least 14 days notice of a meeting shall be given in writing to each paid-up member. Notices may be sent by post or delivered to the member’s last known address. Only members of 3 months standing shall be eligible to vote.

e)  Subject to the provisions of this constitution, general meetings may determine their own procedures.

5.  Officers and Committee

a)  The Committee shall consist of the officers and other elected members up to a total of 12. A quorum shall be one-third of the Committee.

b)  Nominations for election to the Committee shall be made in writing to the Secretary at least 21 days before the meeting at which the election is to take place. Nominations may be made by any 2 members of the organisation. Details of nominations received shall be included in the notice of the meeting. In the event of there being no nominations either for ordinary Committee members or positions of the specified officers, by the due date, candidates may be nominated up to the date and time of the Annual General Meeting and such nominations circulated to the entire full membership with a voting form to be completed and returned not later than 14 days after the date of issue of the voting form. Persons nominated for membership of the Campaign Committee or a post as an officer of that Committee shall provide a brief Curriculum Vitae (CV) of not more than 100 words for circulation with the documentation (Newsletter or other document). Should insufficient candidates be nominated or voted for, then it shall be within the power of the previous Committee to propose the termination of the Campaign in accordance with the Constitution.

c)  If vacancies arise during the year, the Committee may make up to 3 appointments to fill them.

d)  The Committee may co-opt other members without voting rights up to a maximum of 3.

e)  The officers shall be a Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting, together with such officers as a general meeting may decide such officers shall be elected by the Committee.

f)  The Chairman shall take the chair at general meetings and Committee meetings unless the meeting decides otherwise.

6. Finance

a)  The Committee is responsible for conducting the finances of the organisation in accordance with the policy laid down at general meetings. The Treasurer shall keep books of accounts and regularly report thereon to the Committee.

b)  The financial year shall end on 31 December. Immediately following the end of year a statement of accounts approved by the Committee shall be submitted to auditors elected by a general meeting.

c)  The annual subscription shall be payable on the first day of the financial year. If anyone fails to pay within 3 months of that day, membership shall lapse. Where, however, a new member joins within the last 3 months of the financial year the first annual subscription shall cover membership until the end of the ensuing year.

d)  In the event of the termination of the Campaign, any sums of money remaining after discharging all outstanding debts shall be transferred to the funds of the Upper Norwood Joint Library for the purpose of purchasing books and other relevant materials or equipment.

7. Amendment

The Constitution may be amended at an Annual General Meeting provided that

a)  Notice of the proposition has been included in the written notice of the meeting.

b)  Two-thirds of the members present vote in favour.


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